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Monday, 1 December 2014

36 Exposures and the harvesters we might just see

36 Exposures

Let’s face it – a plug for 36 Exposures! A collection of poems, ditties and observations that, according to reviewer Paul Raine, editor of Poetic Review, “pick you up and slam you down with just as much enthusiasm”. The perfect companion for the bus or train ride into the smoke or the sticks – or a stolen five minutes on any occasion for a verse chosen by you.  
Have a cuppa, turn on the speakers and chill out for 2 minutes and 7 seconds with the promo video for 36 Exposures:
Here’s one of the more idiosyncratic ditties. Ever been stuck in a traffic jam only to notice...the harvesters?
The Harvesters
Another jammed day in mid-September
And cars like files of blinded soldiers
Head rain-drenched to the fate of the ring-road:
Babel of radio jingles and voices
Sledge-hammer rhythms and synthesised noises
Parps, peeps, blubbers and squeaks
Jettisoned fag-butts, not enough sleep
This great and tragic push to work
The pressed mess.
But there is hope:
For among the road louts, the rain brings out the harvesters
The lost and methodical day-dreamers
The nose-pickers who through frosted windows
Pick, pick, study, observe then flick
Oblivious, occupied, industrious
Somehow happy
Strangely free.

Tom Gamble, 36 Exposures


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