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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

A tribute to Maurice Henry Gamble

36 Exposures and Vibrance Care Homes UK

Two bits of news - 36 Exposures isn't exactly selling in its thousands. BUT, promise kept, a donation to Vibrance Care Homes UK has been made, in part, from the proceeds! That's satisfying and a big thank you to all those who bought a copy.

Maurice! With all our love!
Know that there's a story behind the choice of this: thanks to a lovely aunt (no names, Marilyn), I learnt of the story of Maurice Henry Gamble, recently gone on to green, happy and sunny pastures. Maurice was born with a handicap back in the 1930s and due to a life-threatening illness, his mother was obliged to put him into care at the age of 5. In 1986, Marilyn's mother, Patricia, traced him back with the help of the Salvation Army and, once found, was able to offer Maurice much love and presence during his final years under the devoted and cheerful care of the folk who work for Vibrance. Thank you, Vibrance. And a thought for all those you continue to look after. Tom xxx

From Maurice's eulology:

Maurice flourished, being lovingly cared for by compassionate staff at Glengall Road, where they embraced his determination to keep his mobility despite his disability, endured his stubbornness and understood his funny little ways such as the shake of his head when saying ‘NO’, ‘NO’,  which really, meant ‘Yes’. Many will recall his appreciative smile that said it all, when a pint of beer placed in his hand, was drunk in less than a minute, and his food would disappear pretty quickly as well.

From the dark years spent in institutions, Maurice’s life completely turned for the better, he found happiness and contentment by enjoying many outings with his carers and resident friends, going to workshops, listening to music and many holidays by the sea. What was there not to love about Maurice, he was always ready to give you a cuddle with a cheeky smile on his face. ‘Thank you Maurice’, for touching our lives and leaving us with Happy Memories!


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