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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Tom Gamble looks at how to be...resourceful!

Step 7 of the dream machine 


Welcome to Step 7 of the “dream machine”, the effective way to identify, analyse, plan, check and reach what you’ve always wanted – your dream! The blog features Steps 1-6 in earlier posts, so all you have to do is search or scroll down this page.

So far, you’ve:
Identified your dream and made a “film” of it
Considered how to start the ball rolling
Determined your motivations
Considered others’ wants and needs as well as your own
Determined when you want it, who with, and the milestones on the way
And last week Step 6 looked at losses, gains and higher motivations.

Step 7 is all about…Resources

This is quite straightforward. And it’s just like when planning a weekend away, an invite to Sunday dinner at the in-laws, or a cycling tour of Transylvania – in short, we need to think about what resources you’ll need (i.e. her favourite flowers, garlic and wooden stake, etc. ).
But because reaching your dream – the new world, that change that you’re aiming for – will be a long haul; and because it’s gonna be tough; and above all because it’s worth it, and we want it, we need to plan carefully and think about the three stages of the journey to get success on our side. Before (you set out). During (the journey to reach it). After (you’ve reached it).

Resources: this was hot
Resources: this was cold
And resources of course can be very varied. We’re not just talking about water supply and tinned sardines. Any great adventure, any change – whether buying a new fitted kitchen or writing a blockbuster movie script – needs emotional, as well as material and financial resources to see you through.Motivation, determination, stamina, hope, love, cheerfulness, a bounce-back mindset and pure true grit are sometimes just as or even more important than anything else. Try writing a book – and you’ll see!  
Resources: and this was just perfect!
In the run up to Christmas we’ll cover the last two steps, the Ecosystem and Purpose and finally The Step. And as an extra presie for the Xmas stocking, sock, slippers or whatever your culture lays at the bottom of the bed for the morning, I’ll add in a few real life examples of how the “Dream Machine” was successfully used.
Take care, keep warm and especially keep on dreaming! Tom xxx  

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