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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Inspire yourself...and others!

The Dream Machine – Step 8: ready for lift off

A hearty hello to all those connecting to The Dream Machine and Step 8: The Ecosystem and Purpose. Needless to say, if you’re new to all this simply search the blog for Steps 1 to present. All you have to do is… do them to reach your dream!
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Hmm…. “Ecosystem and Purpose – sounds a bit arty farty to me”, perhaps you’re saying to yourself. Well, maybe arty isn’t the word, and farty even less so. In fact, this is probably THE key step in the process, the journey to reach your dream.

Maybe I can convince you by citing, among many others, Ghandi, Steve Jobs, J.K. Rowling, Nelson Mandela, Simone Veil, Malala Yousafzaï, Churchill, John Steinbeck and lowly Billy Brickworks who at 4.30 every morning, six days a week, polishes the floors on the London Tube. All of them have in common one thing. And that very powerful, very positive and extremely motivating thing is called PURPOSE.

Everything they did or do has an impact. Not only on themselves, but on others and even systems and even the world. Billy knows that by doing a damn good job, because he likes it, and perhaps even more than what he’s actually paid for doing, he’s offering a pristine and comfortable experience not only to the daily crowds of London commuters, but to the millions of tourists too, and in doing so he gives the world a shining example of Cool Britannia – a far cry from the Tube of the mid-80s when with cropped hair and a fishtail parka, I myself roamed the streets and tunnels of ye olde capital (must listen again to that anthem by The Jam – Down in the Tube Station).

All great and positive achievements not only give us what we want, but give benefit to other people, systems, organisations and even the world. And this provides us a VISION of the new world we want to create and which others will want to belong to with us.

A hugely beneficial secondary effect is that it gives us the ultimate motivation to reach our dream. And somehow, without going down the “guru” path and ending up in a loin cloth and tepee in the middle of Spain, it also provides us with some kind of impalpable, spiritual strength too that will accompany us over the times when the journey gets tough. Hey – if it ain’t tough, it ain’t fun!

So follow the step towards your purpose and towards your vision. We’re nearly there. Christmas is a twinkle of a star away and the last step in the Dream Machine will reach you just before the Big Event: a gift that comes just in time for the New Year and a fitting moment to step out towards your dream for 2015 and beyond.
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Take care all. Don’t forget that you can click on some links featured on the blog to peruse and buy one of the books on sale: an extra Xmas presie that does a whole world of good to me, you, and the charities and people they support!

See you soon.
Tom ;-)    

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