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Saturday, 29 November 2014

You'll lose, you'll win - and why not buy a sandwich while you're at it?

The Dream Machine – the 6th of 9 steps in reaching your dream!


Welcome to Step 6 in the “dream machine”! If you’re new to the blog and you wish to follow a cool and effective coaching tool used to identify, check, plan and reach your dream, then please scroll down or search the blog to begin with Step 1. This will tell you what a dream is all about. Follow through Steps1-5 to come to today’s session:  

Step 6: Losses & Gains (and things…)

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Maybe it’s worth kicking off with a brief discussion on change. Because if you are decided on aiming to reach a dream – be it write a book, move house, get married, start a new job, or expatriate to the country you’ve always dreamt of living and working in – then it's very much a change scenario.
In effect, you’re changing an old world for a new. And with it comes all sorts of things like dealing with emotions, accepting certain things, trusting your motivations, evaporating comfort zones and…losses and gains!

When we’re young (in age, not so much in heart), we don’t think, and we don’t even care much about losses. In fact, the question hardly ever arises. We head for studies or first jobs, fall in love, move into flats, join the army or volunteer for NGOs. And we just do it. And measure things up as we go.

Things get a little trickier if a) you’re a little older and you have more things to lose (comfort, situation, habits, assets, etc.) and b) if you were born into a culture (national or otherwise) that looks at risk and initiative as something to be afraid of (my living example, France, which has for centuries now set up layers and layers of mechanisms to reduce risk in everything from education, to personal enterprise, to buying a sandwich. This said, it does have its benefits. And there are in fact a few super French people who actually defy the general “can’t be bothered / too many problems” attitude and do actually do something).
With this in mind, Step 6 aims at giving both sides to the coin a reasonable say – so that you can objectively assess your dream and make the best decision.
All about losses, gains
and finding a dream
When we change, we will lose things – friends, comfort zone, habits, etc. Now that’s clear, it’s worth mentioning that when we change we will gain things too! But what’s interesting is that changing a life or world doesn’t mean burning every bridge in town as you go! No – in fact, it might be a good idea to actually see what good things of the present we can take with us into the future.

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So follow Step 6 and enjoy. Needless to say, note everything and put it with your other notes from Steps 1-5. With three more left to go, we’ll be finished in beauty for Christmas. Looking forward to seeing you soon for Step 7: Resources. And talking of resources, I think I’ll just nip out, at my risk and peril… for a sandwich.  

Bye for now. Tom ;-)


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