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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Step 5 - From vertical to horizontal...

The Dream Machine – 9 steps to reach your dream! 

Wow – busy week! And we’ve already come to Step 5! If you’re new to the dream machine, then welcome on board. Scroll down or search the blog to begin with Step 1. This will tell you what a dream is all about. Follow through 1-4 to now complete today’s nugget:   
Step 5: Contextualise the dream
So far, you’ve: Identified your dream and made a “film” of it / Considered how to start the ball rolling / Determined your motivations / Considered others’ wants and needs as well as your own.
And now, so obvious and almost always forgotten…the question of your travelling companions (or not) and the all-important issue of timing!  
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On that subject, stepping back and looking at life in the early 21st century (free copy of the novel The Kingdom of Emptiness for the first person to find the reference to that on the web – ah-ha…), I notice a major behavioural trait: in this faster than-the-speed-of-light world of communication, there are many of us who have a vertical vision rather than a horizontal vision of things.

Let me explain before you start phoning up the optician’s (or psychologist!). By vertical I mean that we tend to make lists of things – at home, at play, and especially at work. Monday begins by what you didn’t finish off the previous week and before you know it, ten other things have been added to your list. Head bowed, tucking into the wind, you pedal on furiously down the list and just as fast as you tick off the things you’ve completed, even more things replace it. Your sight is vertical – fixed downwards on your list of tasks. We make everything a priority. 

Whereas, I think the trick is to raise your eyes and look horizontally for once. Yep – look out over yonder, across to the horizon, and time seems suddenly more like a friend than a foe. You realise that, by pencilling in finishing off the Excel spreadsheet for Thursday and not today (Tuesday), it won’t really make that much difference – and certainly won’t bring on a cataclysm on a galactic scale. If you’re worried about pressure from others – check it with them. 
What the Dickens is that horizontal look in
his eye? Cheers Chris!

In short, whoever pulled the old adage “don’t put off today what you can do tomorrow” out of his/her hat obviously didn’t live with computers, e-mail, herds of screaming kids, Saturday morning supermarkets and the industrial, not to mention the internet, revolution. Claptrap indeed! DO put off until tomorrow what isn’t required today. Like that, you’ll stay sane and in good health as well as being effective! Think horizontal!

And finally, some things just aren’t meant to happen at certain times. Our civilisation may try to reduce risk and chance to a max, but it still exists and always will do. And that’s good. It keeps us hoping and striving for things. So even if you’ve written the greatest story since Great Expectations and still haven’t been spotted by a publisher, or invented the blueprint for a revolutionary micro-wave quick-freeze machine and can’t find a backer – it will happen. Sometime.  

So consider Step 5 below. And keep all your notes together. When you’ve reached the last step they’ll make interesting and highly motivating reading as you steadily walk towards reaching your dream.

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Meet up next weekend (barring mini-posts during the week) for Step 6 and some eye-opening discussion about losses and gains, pain and no pain (or something like that).

Tom ;-)  


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