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Saturday, 1 November 2014

The Dream machine – 9 steps to reach your dream!

Step 2  

Last week we triggered the dream machine with Step 1: identifying the dream and positively declaring what you want. And now (drum roll and cymbal splash):
Focus on Step 2: click to enlarge and download
STEP 2: Things begin to become interesting…
Time to make a film of your dream. Martin Luther King did (“I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia…”), Ghandi did, and so did Sir David Lean and David Spielberg – literally!

So simply follow Step 2 and have fun! 

Keep on dreaming. And next week we’ll continue with Step 3 so that your dream becomes your reality! Piece o’ cake.
STEP 2 INSTRUCTIONS: click to enlarge and download
   Tom ;-) xx

  PS: coming soon – a snippet of poetic
  prose from a clever Mexican lady, and a
     visitor to the blog, who has a dream. And
     who dares to make it happen. Watch this

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