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Saturday, 25 October 2014

The Dream Machine – 9 steps to reach your dream!

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As promised, here it is: 1 step a week to achieve that dream of yours.

First, what is it? It’s a 9-step tool – in the form of a chart/process – to formulate, analyse, plan, check and reach your dream. 
Second, what’s a dream? A “dream” can be a goal, an objective, a desire, or even…a dream! I prefer to use the word dream, even in a professional context, to cover all of these. It makes it more exciting. BUT, look at these two examples:
a)      Oh Lord, if only I were a millionaire, then I could do whatever I wanted…
b)      I want to publish a book.

The first is NOT a dream. It’s a wishful thought, a “poor old me” statement, vague and not very concrete! A millionaire through what? A miraculous rain storm with gold coins flooding down instead of raindrops? A forgotten auntie who turns up at your door with a treasure chest full of diamonds? A lottery ticket that – if we are to believe the governments of this world – suddenly transforms you into a being richer than Bill Gates with no effort required?
The second IS A DREAM. And it is concrete. And when you do publish a book, then it might even make you a millionaire in the process! So dreams are realisable. And remember, what may appear a dream to one, may be different for another. For example:  

Tom’s dream is to publish a book. Sally’s dream is to go on a world tour. Pete’s dream is to meet the love of his life. Charlotte’s dream is to live in New York. Raja’s dream is to spend a holiday trekking in Mongolia. Jose’s dream is to own and run a philosophy café. Hakim’s dream is to be a rock star. And Michaela’s dream is to ensure a university education for her son and daughter. These are dreams: and they can be reached.
Third, the proof: A few years ago, something happened to me – I lost my job. And with it, self-esteem, comfort, security, pride, etc. I was in my 40s. And if you’re 45 and above in France, then the chances of finding another job quickly (if ever, as unfortunately the case now appears), are very slim indeed. I took a look back at the past, and a look forward to the future: and decided the moment had come to reach my dreams. I dug up something I’d come across while training as a coach, modified it slightly, re-named it “the dream machine” and used it.

So I wrote a book and started my own business. A year later Amazir was published, without using an agent (almost unheard of), and it went to 2nd place in a national UK literary prize. And my little business, much like a toddler, slowly learnt to walk and is now running despite the obstacles the country I live in puts in its way. So here is your chance too. Because another dream I have – à la MLK – is for EVERYBODY to reach their dream and – why not – taste happiness! So do it. 

Here's Step 1 - easy! You've a week to think about and do it before Step 2 next week. What d'you think?

See Tom's second dream reached using the 9-step tool at

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  1. Can't wait to try out Dreambox this weekend - tx for helping us keep the faith, Tom!

  2. You keep mine going too! :-) A couple of posts should see the light this WE including Step No. 2 which involve a bit of the old David Lean and a splash of the Spielberg!