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Monday, 20 October 2014

It would be nice to know you

Dear visitors to this BlogSpot,

It would be nice to know you – and that’s from the heart. You’re 3,757 to visit this stop off on your internet journey – from France, the United States, the Ukraine, the UK, Germany, Russia, China, Japan, Australia, Canada, India, Mexico, Algeria and even Nepal. And other places too.

I personally know some of you. And I think, in these very tough times, it would be nice for you all to have a say too. Send me a word, drop me a line. Make a comment. Speak to me of your hopes and dreams, work, family, sadness and joy – and if you want, I’ll post you on the blog with a message to the world. Send a mail to this address:  and I’ll get back in touch.

So times are tough. It has been said. But they seem tougher now than ever. Taking a step back and looking at the last 30 years or so, nothing much has changed on certain fronts. Recession has been constant. Most of the same old faces are still around, telling us what to do or promising us what they cannot keep. We are taxed until life becomes more like survival than living. Wars are fought. Extremes still sow panic. Systems stay absurdly the same. And England still hasn’t reached the World Cup final (!).  But there are beautiful moments too. And we must continue, must we not? We must believe, hope, fall in love, gaze across the hillsides and walk by the sea, start families, and follow dreams – for that’s what counts and what keeps us afloat.

Your visits to this blog certainly help me, that’s for sure. They give me a hope that maybe I can offer something. That maybe you in turn will be able to give through the work that you will endeavour.   And that maybe what I write can offer the world something too (by the way, a percentage of everything I write goes to charities – see posts - so your gesture of buying and reading my books helps both others and the world progress. And if, by bad luck, you can’t find the means to buy, then a jolly review on Amazon, a Like, Tweet, Star or any other weird and wonderful positive gesture would help just as much!). So thanks for your visits, thanks for your effort, however long or however brief!

Talking of teens - I was a dreamer!
The new book of poetry – 36 Exposures – has just been published, with an end-of-year aim to donate to Vibrance Care Homes UK. The novel published in March, The Kingdom of Emptiness, needs help and promotion – for it may well be a story that changes the world for the better! And just for you, I’ve decided to post something that I learnt a few years ago and that has helped me achieve my own dreams. It’s a coaching tool: HOW TO REACH YOUR DREAM IN 9 STEPS. And because I can’t technically upload the full thing in a document on this blog, I’ll be doing it in steps – all 9 of them over the next 9 weeks. It works. For me it did. And for those I’ve trained, coached and helped, it did. So you can benefit from it too.

But before we begin (this coming weekend), it’s necessary to have…A DREAM! So get thinking, get dreaming. Maybe you’ve already got one. If you haven’t – and it’s very often the case – then go back to when you were a teenager or even before. You remember – when your sleep and idle moments were filled with dreams! And if you still can’t think of a dream that you want to achieve, then ask yourself: “what if I woke up tomorrow? What would my perfect life, my perfect world be like?” And there you’ll find your dream.

Kisses to all. And raising a beer to you too. Hope to hear from you soon and look out for the coming weekend and the first step in reaching your dream!


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