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Monday, 13 October 2014

36 Exposures – Go Live imminent!  

The final stages of editing are coming to an end and it looks as if 36 Exposures – the collection of poems and dittologies – will indeed be on your virtual shelves very soon! The collection is dedicated to Maurice Henry Gamble and a percentage of all sales of 36 Exposures will be donated to Vibrance Care Homes UK where Maurice spent many years of his life, helped by the wonderfully dedicated and caring staff who work there (thanks goes out to Marilyn for a beautiful account of Maurice's life at the home) .
A pre-launch snippet from 36 Exposures:


When you come, usually brusque in step
With a smile and the way you have of stooping slightly
Forwards through the finishing tape to the future,
So the magic begins.
It startles me – these sudden magpies and their ritual dance,
The unexpected opening of doors and sunshine just on us.
And why should everything reveal an interest,
The mundane uncover such wild and wonder?
It is the beginning, I know – but it still enchants.
We have not touched, just talked.
And yes, you old, ageless conspiracy –
You’ve hooked us on a lovely spell.
Copyright 2014 Tom Gamble


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