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Monday, 9 June 2014

Time to assume - and enter a writing competition!

Go for it! Writing competitions to enter from September 2014 to January 2015.  Writing a short story? Writing a full-length MS? Or wanting to, but just can't quite find the motivation?

Climbing to the top means starting off from base camp!

Competitions are are a great way to fire that inspiration and give the perhaps necessary boot up the backside to at last get things done! Several cool competitions are open to your work in September 2014 to January 2015 - a great way to get known and earn some money along the way. And the best thing - they're not reserved for the √©lite, but for little 'uns, dreamers, deservers, hopefuls and talented buds!

Bivouacs along the way...

1. The Mckittereck Prize, run by the UK Society of Authors. Prize: £4,000
2. The Historical Novel Society Award. Prize: $2,000
3. The International Rubery Book Award. Prize: £600 + publication in an anthology
4. The Rethink Press Award. Prize: Paperback and digital publication
5. The Harry Bowling Prize run by the UK Society of Authors. Prize: £1,000 + review by
    top industry critiques.

6. The Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award. Prize: Grand prize of $50,000, 4 winner
    prizes of $15,000 and publishing contracts.

 Excited? Motivated? Then you know that all you have to do is.....

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