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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The first in a series of posts and articles following the strange roads in the writing of Tom’s third novel

Strange Roads: A regular feature following Tom Gamble’s latest novel – as he writes it

Half way into writing my third novel Strange Roads (that seems to have taken on a life in itself and constantly leads me down many a strange road in the process!) I suddenly realised it could be a great case study for all those wanting an insight into how to get your initial desire off the ground, shape it into an idea, mind-map it into a plot and then write it.

I’ll be focusing on the origins of an idea and how you can work it in your favour, tools and processes that really make a difference, snapshots of things I discover on the way as the story becomes part of my life and occasional detours onto stylistic issues involving words, characters, actions, love, sex (oh,yes) and destinies. I hope and aim to get one post/article out per week from now until September and using that great platform called Squidoo for longer pieces. If I don’t, then drop me a line and push me to do it!

The first article, “The Two Most Difficult Things”, can now be discovered @ Squidoo.

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