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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Free limited download of the Kingdom of Emptiness now closed! Next steps...

All good things come to an end... and a new beginning! I hope all those who downloaded KoE are now enjoying the read. Stats indicate that most of the lucky ones come from France, followed by the USA and in third postion, Ukraine - where hopefully you're all taking good care of yourselves in these difficult times.
Next steps (hence the photo of yours truly on a hike - thanks Keo): A collection of poems that brings together some of my old work and quite a lot of new, will be appearing early to mid-October, God willing. The title: 36 Exposures. There's lots in there for everyone to steal away from the rush of life for 5 minutes and cherry pick a moment of reflection. Paul Raine, Editor of Poetic Review stated that "His poetry (Tom's) lifts you up and slams you down with just as much enthusiasm. This is accomplished work." So if your imagination and emotions are looking for thrills and spills, tender moments, witty moments and savage moments too, then keep an eye out for the release of 36 Exposures in October!

Strange Roads, the third novel: previous posts mentioned spending the summer finishing the story. An archeological dig in southern France (!) and work commitments(!!) alas meant that the date has been pushed back to December. Still, watch this space for updates and associated articles on Squidoo giving tips and tools for your writing. Take care now and kind regards. Tom ;-)  

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