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Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Kingdom of Emptiness

Completed after three months and five days, with the last eight chapters flowing out in a 27-hour non-stop stint, the final draft of the manuscript for my new book, The Kingdom of Emptiness! Those who liked Amazir will hopefully like this one. John Fox, a British soldier, returns from Afghanistan to disintegrate in the harsh realities of civilian life and the legacy of a fatal error while on tour; two thousand miles away in Mauritania, Badia an outcast, struggles to raise her son and reach her dream. Set in modern times, Fox and Badia and their circle of friends are thrown together against the backdrop of western consumerism, Al Qaeda and French special forces operations in northern Africa. Seven lives and seven journeys meet in hope, hatred, love and redemption....

If you're aching to write your own novel, why not have a look at some tips on the following Squidoo lens:

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  1. Hey Tom really like your blog. I'll be keeping up with all of your helpful writing tips!